Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Guys I've Banged Pt I - Jordy

Each one of these posts will be about just one guy I've hooked up with. The title is somewhat misleading as I won't always have 'banged' them.  And, like a good gentleman, I'll change their names.

Jordy was the first guy that I ever hooked up with. I had drunkenly kissed a passed out guy once, but let's go ahead and not count that.

Jordy went to my high school and was cute, thin, and fairly shy.  He had light brown hair and hazel eyes. I thought he was cute, but he wasn't my type exactly. I tended to be attracted to the confident and/or athletic types.

We were both freshmen, and had some overlapping friends through his brother. How I figured him out would be a little too revealing to our situations so I'll skip that part, but suffice it to say that he was surprised and stoked to learn that I was pitching for his team.

After some conversing online I made a proposal: "So…do you want to come sleep over at my place? We can get drunk and mess around, or whatever." Since we were freshmen at a new school and friend groups were still settling, it wasn't that suspicious for this to be happening. My brother, however, did seem to sense something.  "You guys going to hang out with some girls later?"Nonetheless he provided us with alcohol, in this case scotch—just what any nubile drinker wants. Jordy had a bed set up on the ground next to mine and we took turns taking swigs of the liquor. Both of us were really nervous as well as inexperienced drinkers so we took many pulls.

Eventually, with the booze attacking my inhibitions, I reached over and began to rub his arm. We caressed at a distance like this for a minute or two and then I pounced. Passionate kissing and grinding ensued. Clothes came off and other stuff happened, too. It's all a bit blurry, but fun was had by both parties.

In the morning, for some reason I decided to make a number of mistakes. One was to assume my brother wouldn't be back in the morning, the next was to put on Jordy's underwear, and the last was to leave the door unlocked. In came my brother, unannounced. Thankfully, we were in our separate beds and Jordy had a shirt on, and a blanket over his bottom half. We both somehow maintained our cool and concluded the event without incident.

We never had a sexual relationship after that, but we stayed secret friends and would talk occasionally over the years. I thought he was a nice and cute kid, but I wasn't enamored with him and still wanted to hang out with my jock-ish friends and do "straight" shit. After that I didn't hook up with another guy for a couple years. I sort of went back to girls, but with a feeling that it wouldn't last. And I don't regret this; I had a great time in high school. We talked a bit over the years and occasionally we would be at the same party and I'd make signals for him to sneak off so we could make out. I'm sure he loved me sloppily kissing him while nearly blacked-out drunk and then returning to the party like nothing had happened.

Live and learn, or some other platitudinous bullshit.

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  1. Kind of a shitty way to treat Jordy, not very cool man.... Certainly not much remorse for his feelings in this post... IMO.

  2. He seemed OK, actually. Since it was more or less a one time thing, there wasn't much confusion that we weren't going to have a relationship beyond being friends. I *do* think I was a douche for the drunken make outs, but I was young and figuring stuff out. Acceptable excuse?

  3. I think it's a very acceptable excuse. I went through that same stage. Fool around and then not text or call back and leave it like it never happened. When you're going through that stage trying to figure out what you like, it's hard. I understand where you're coming from. For me it's a little bit different now that I know what I want. But it all lead me up to that point in realizing I like men...(110%)