Sunday, January 27, 2013


I think that animals by nature are promiscuous. If you understand anything about evolution, you should have heard of "survival of the fittest". Today it would more accurately be "survival of those that fuck the most". If you don't have sex, you're not going to pass your genes on to another generation, so sex-seeking behavior will always naturally be selected for.

In modern society the situation is obviously complicated by the fact that humans understand how fertilization works, and have created preventive methods. Add to this social norms, and the result is a system that is anything but simple.

The United States' cultural attitudes towards sex can be traced by back partly to our puritanical origins. And while each generation seems to be a little less prude, we're still pretty restrictive compared to other developed countries.

For heteros, the rules are basically that men can have as much sex as they want, while women are essentially only supposed to have sex a guy they are dating. This means not all that much sex is had, or at least not that much sex is publicly discussed.

Now for non hetero guys it's a totally different story. NHs are already operating largely outside of acceptable social norms simply by not being hetero. Also, because they are guys interested in guys, there isn't this the conflict in the party's willingness to have sex. The result is a non hetero population that has more sex, or at least has the opportunity to have more sex than heteros. Any relatively good looking or in shape non hetero bro can have sexual pleasure pretty much whenever he wants.

There are bars, clubs, saunas, and a substantial number of websites that facilitate this. Being in a city helps a lot too. So is there anything ethnically wrong with having sex with strangers regularly? Absolutely not. I personally don't find it to be the idea particularly appealing because I actually enjoy intimacy with bros; plus the type of people who engage in these activities tend to be less attractive.

That said, I already mentioned the difficulty I have finding guys that I want to get physical with. However, if I had the opportunity to have sex with male models regularly I absolutely would.

The interesting part is that I think many hetero guys are jealous of this culture. I haven't had this conversation with my friends, but I get the impression that they would love it if they could go out to the bar and basically be guaranteed to "get some". So in some ways non-heteros are scorned for their promiscuity out of envy. Women, on the other hand, I think wish they could be more sexually liberated and are therefore less judgmental. This is of course not including the crazy religious/conservative people, which is a completely different clusterfuck of illogicality.

Despite my support for everyone (basically) doing whatever they want, NHs should also realize that part of the whole "being equal" thing is behaving according to the rules of society. It's kind of a trade off like that: you give up a little bit of your individuality in order to receive the privileges that society provides.  If you don't want to conform, that's fine, but you can't expect the same treatment as those that do. It'd be nice if heteros would loosen the fuck up, but until then non heteros would be wise to nudge heteros in the right way and maybe consider quieting down a bit and making a couple sacrifices.

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