Thursday, January 31, 2013

Women: Why I'm Glad I Like Dudes

Women, females, ladies, girls. What an interesting specimen.

It's by Picasso, idiot

Known for the bags of fat hanging from their chests and their ability to cultivate human life, women have been getting the, ahem, short end of the stick for much of history. Before NH rights, before black rights, there was the fight for women's rights. And they won, kind of. Still underpaid and 'under-appreciated', today's modern woman still has plenty to complain about, which is in a way good because complaining seems to be among their favorite pastimes.

But you have to give women credit for usually being better people. I mean this in terms of everything from not killing people much, to being more understanding different kinds of people, including non heterosexuals. Women in general tend to be less fearful of homosexuality, possibly because they realize it's a harmless aberration, and possibly because women are aroused by everything.

Let me first say that I don't categorically have a problem with women, and that I have many close friends and relationships with women, including my mother.  That being said, I'm glad not to have to be in a monogamous relationship with a woman for a variety of reasons. Based on my vicarious experience, girlfriends can be pretty awful. Almost never have I thought, "Gee, I'm so jealous of my buddy--that whole girlfriend thing seems like a pretty sweet deal!" This might be because my friends and family members tend to relay more negative details, but I don't think so.

Sometimes it seems like females can't be happy unless their boyfriends are unhappy. They whine, "why don't you want to go look at curtains with me?" Or do do some other activity that I know you hate?" A much better question is why the hell you would ask someone you like/love to do things that they hate, regularly. Furthermore, women typically want to spend money on different things, consider different activities fun, and want different rules for a relationship. With two guys there usually isn't this constant conflict. Honestly, it seems like guys will often pair off with a girl simply because it gives them access to regular sex.

Obviously some non hetero relationships involve similar struggles, though not usually related to sex drive conflicts, and there are hetero couples that click perfectly. But how cool is it that NHs have the potential to be friends, work out buddies, drinking buddies, etc with people they are also attracted to?

Maybe it's much more difficult for us to find each other, but once we do, I like to think that we have a good chance at something fucking awesome.

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  1. Dude, I love that last pic bro... Very hot and sweet...
    And your right-on about about girls, bro... For me its like " the fuckin you get, ain't worth the fuckin you take" haha...
    Btw....great blog bro!