Wednesday, February 13, 2013


First off let me just say: "wow." I had no expectation a few weeks ago when I started this blog that I would be getting over a thousand views in a week. I appreciate your readership, my brothers, and I hope this blog continues not to suck.  But onto matters sartorial.

Fashion is dumb. It can also be fun and interesting, but everyone should realize that it is by definition superficial. Clothes are not you and you should focus on being the person that you want to be, not on wearing things that convey an image of who you want to be. Fashion also has a very limited effect on a person's attractiveness. A supermodel bro in a t-shirt is still a supermodel, and a fat gay-bro in fake glasses and skinny jeans is still...not. Lastly, the fashion industry is an international profit machine designed to churn out constantly changing trends and get people to spend money for stupid brands and products, most of which are poorly made and look like shit.

That being said, making your own style and dressing in a way that makes you feel confident is kinda sweet. I get ready in about 15 minutes in the morning so I can't say I put much time into my own choices usually, but I know what I like and what I don't. For me, it's ideal if what you're wearing evokes just a little bit of good attention, i.e  it doesn't look like you spent three hours getting ready, nor like you are a midwestern tween.

Here are some examples of fashion, that while obviously thought-out, don't go so far as to be a turn off for me.
Formal & Classic


The above dudes' clothes enhance their attractiveness, to me at least. The below, on the other hand, is some stereotypically gay fashion, which goes too far for me; their clothes are too experimental, distracting and ostentatiously homosexual for my liking. Frankly, when I see guys dressed like this, my penis runs off and hides. It's just too precious. The guys themselves are also not as good looking, but honestly it wouldn't matter.
Look at me! I'm wearing lots of crazy shit!

No thanks.

What the actual fuck?

If I want to have sex with someone that looks like a female, I'll bang a girl. 

So take my man Ryan's advice, aight?

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  1. Just discovered this blog, i think its awesome! You're a good writer, keep it up! :)

  2. lol absolutely right. but you cant diss Kurt. the dude is like the fliest mo-fo

  3. Don't police other people's choices because YOU don't like it. You're gay, fucking deal with it, and get used to the fact that other people aren't going to live by your rules for what is appropriate and inappropriate.

    1. Are you literate? He didn't ask people to live by certain rules nor say what is appropriate or inappropriate. And he certainly didn't reject his homosexuality. That's how the English pronoun "I" works. Notice the "…to me" and "…for me," not "for you" or "for everyone."

      The only piece of advice he gave was not to define yourself by your clothes, and unclear how you could disagree with that…

  4. Great post. Never been into any trends and my style is def in the first half of this post (formal/casual, prep, athletic, bro, no steezy here). Couldn't agree with you more on the second half of this... "my penis runs off and hides" hahaha thats great man. Awesome to see the Pats represented here with Brady!

  5. One of the biggest reasons why I cannot bring myself to watch glee is penis runs off and actually dies when I see him.

    I do think though that a smartly dressed man (like eqsuire/GQ-esque) is way more attractive than a badly dressed person (for e.g. badly fitted jeans, bad color coordination, etc.) so in many ways while fashion and trends aren't important, having fashion sense is really important, at least to me.

    I feel like this blog is going to be inundated with a lot of anon comments from people who are going to hiss about how much internalized homophobia "straight-acting" people have haha...

  6. So gay people are getting increasingly douchey, is the general vibe. Progress?

  7. Yeah I know how you feel, I takes me 10 minutes to get ready in the morning. I just throw on what I think feels appropriate. It all depends on my mood.