Saturday, February 2, 2013

Finding a "chill bro" - Pt II

People ask me regularly "what are you looking for?" or "what is your type?" I usually respond that I don't have a type, which is true. I can find people attractive that have a very large set of characteristics. Beyond that, I find that people have an intangible je ne sais quois that is the actual root of my attraction to them. I'll try to never include French in a post again, don't worry.

That being said, there are some attributes that signal a guy is or isn't right:

Deal breakers:
  • Can't carry a conversation
  •  Overweight
    •  My body is a result of my hard work. I don't expect muscles per se, but fat is (surprisingly) a turnoff
  • Facial attractiveness of less than 7/10
  • Feminine mannerisms
    • I don't mean activities. There's nothing 'feminine' to me about cooking or painting. I mean way of speaking and body language mostly. If that's your thing, great.
  • Under 5'6
    • I'm 6'1.
 Very Important
  • Intelligence
  • Enjoys athletic and/or outdoor activities
  • Common interests in general
  • Facial attractiveness in general

  • Education
  • Some class
    • This makes me seem like a douchebag, but notice I put it in the third tier. Plus, a little goes a long way.
  • Muscles/nice body
  • Would get along well with my friends and family
  • Ambition
    • Don't need a big career man, but someone that is enthused to get a lot out of life, regardless of how he plans to go about that.
 Nice, but just icing:
  • Interesting eyes
  • Nice ass
  • Swag 
  • Doesn't dress like an idiot

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    1. I don't think that's a lot to ask for man... Seems like a good list of standards... I'm big on teeth a great smile :)

    2. Would it be weird if a reader like me fit these qualifications (not being narcissistic) and agreed with every post? We do have a lot in common. Lol. If only the 5 year age gap and distance from my place to NY wasn't a big deal.