Thursday, February 28, 2013


Insecurity is the cause of many problems and weird behaviors.

Insecurity comes in a variety of flavors and intensities, but the result is usually some form of lameness or douchebaggery. It's lame when people don't have any self confidence, and it's douchey when people are over-confident about something in order to cover up their insecurity.

The Gays are a stereotypically insecure bunch, which is part of the reason that I am not attracted to most of them. Girls are also frequently insecure. Both are often very transparent about how insecure they are with their bodies, the way they look, how they are being perceived, and your opinion of them. Girls have all this weird shit to live up to: looking and acting a certain way, jamming themselves into all these ridiculous clothes and shoes; being smart, but not "too smart," and being in a state of constant conflict with the guys they are dating. And gays sometimes feel inherently insecure simply because they are different, i.e not hetero. So, I'm not saying it's either groups' "fault" per se, I'm just saying it's lame and unattractive.

Homos can be very undeservingly vain. They'll have nice clothes and a nice haircut, and maybe even a nice body, and so they strut around embarrassingly—unaware of the irrelevancy of that shit. As I've said, clothes are not you, and I am perfectly capable of observing that the guy with a t-shirt on is much better looking and attractive than the gay bro that's all dressed up. Surprisingly, I don't get distracted by any folds of cloth or shiny objects they might be wearing.

Again, it's not that good looking guys don't look good in nice clothes. It's that the clothes barely fucking matter, and that trying really hard with that shit just makes you insecure. 

But moving past clothes, there are also plenty of dudes, especially heteros, that are insecure about their masculinity and sexuality. This is also lame. If you feel you have to get in everyone's face and constantly try to assert yourself as an alpha man you are a douchebag and you should stop. People don't like you. You may get  to have some sex with other insecure people who are too stupid to see that you are putting on a bad act, but you suck. A lot. 

That being said, confidence is sexy as fuck. It's a fine line between good confident and douchebag, I'll admit. And yes, in terms of what I'm attracted to—for better or for worse—it's better to fall on the over-confident side than the lame side. 

At the end of the day though, good looking is good looking, and a shy guy or quiet guy can be damn attractive as well. And don't assume they are that way because they're insecure; there are often other, more interesting, reasons. 

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  1. you basically only like the fratbro look. haha

    1. since when is a t-shit and sunglasses "frat bro"?

      I go to a pretty fratty uni, and the most common frat looks are: boat shoes, shorts, a belt, a tucked in dress shirt with the top buttons unbuttoned, and sunglasses with those things that keep them on your neck if they fall off your head. the dress shirt and belt can be substituted for some kind of fruity tank top with sexual innuendo on it.