Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bro-friend Vacay Visit

Hey y'all I'm on a little vacay—seriously I'm on one right now. Hard.

You can find me in the clurb

Just kidding I hate clubs; well not hate, but they are usually pretty fucking stupid. Oh can I please pay $500 for a bottle of vodka so I can sit at a table in an attempt to look impressive to other idiot douchebags? And thanks random chick, but I'm not going to bang you. Wouldn't bang you if I were hetero.

For those of you that can't, or feel as if you can't, get into "good" clubs, know that they are all shitty. They are different levels of shitty, but they are all shitty. Even when they contain attractive people, those people tend to be the worst fucking people. The type of people that feel they need to go to a trendy club, spend $20 on a drink, and "be seen" are unsurprisingly some of the most insecure, vacuous, horrific persons on this spinning globe.

Bars can be fun, but it depends on a lot of things. I'm down if the weather's nice and they have some outdoor space, be it on a roof or a deck. The beer halls in Europe are nice, too. New York is actually starting to have more beer halls, but New Yorkers ruin it by coming dressed-for-the-runway or like a goddamn hipster. It's a beer hall—leave your billowy silk scarf and urban slim-fit fedora at home.

But enough about what sucks.

Being on vacation clearly does not suck. It's quite chill, actually. On this particular vacation I'm hanging out with a bro-friend of mine. We met about four years ago, and have kept in touch. He's pretty much a guys-guy and we have been doing all sorts of active shit like hiking and wake boarding. I'm sad to say that he's become a tad gayer since I last saw him. I'm stoked that he seems more or less happy and that he has a group of friends now, but it seems like his mannerisms are a little more feminine now. It's definitely at least partly because he has been hanging out with pretty much only gay dudes and girls. I totally want him to be who he is and stuff, it's just a bummer that it makes him less attractive to me.

Regardless, we've been having a good deal of bang seshes. He's a great time in the sack, maybe the best I've had.

What to do…

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  1. What to do? Enjoy it!!

    And, if you are inclined, write the story about to hear your 'Guys I've Banged' stories.