Saturday, March 9, 2013


Having a family is an interesting part of life. In some ways it's a role of the dice in that some relatives seem to inherently get along, while others do not. But there are also family members that 'work at' their relationships with one another to improve them.

Being a non hetero can test these relationships from both sides. It's up to you whether you feel you feel comfortable being open with them about your interests, and to what extent. This isn't necessarily unique to NHs, as there are many heteros that behave differently around their parents or hide some aspects of their lives.

It also tests them in terms of their ability to accept you for you are. Accept, not tolerate. Tolerance is not sufficient--it implies they are merely 'putting up with you'.

My parents are super chill and for the most part laissez-faire, but I still haven't told them what's up. I think my Mom must suspect something because my brother has dated about 80 (horrible) girls, and I've officially dated ~0, though there have been plenty of attractive ones around. My Dad, on the other hand, seems to have no idea. He's a brilliant guy, but social observations aren't his forte.

And then there's my brother. When I was younger he saw some shit on my computer, but apparently thought it was a phase? I don't know because he continues to say very stupid things and ask me "how the chicks are."

Again, I'm lucky in that my family is liberal and don't give a shit about my orientation nor whether I have kids.

Allah help y'all in the south or from conservative families. It's hard to even imagine what it would feel like to have your parents or siblings reject you for something as uncontrollable as being non hetero.

When I find my ideal bro it's going to be awesome: I'll casually tell family and friends, "I'm dating this really cool guy, and I want you to meet him."

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  1. dude isn't the last picture of the franco bros? haha, i don't think that's like the same definition of "ideal bro" you had in mind