Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hetero Friends Part II

These guys. These fucking guys.

It's really strange when you're having a conversation with two guys and one knows you like dudes and the other one doesn't. One knows that it's not chill to say something like "what a FAGGOT," and the other has no idea. You both just kind of invisibly cringe when he says it and then have a little telepathy about how it's funny/weird that he has no idea.

Broheims seem to love to talk about sex and sexuality.

One comment this bro made was that there is quote "too much gay sex" on the TV show Shameless. As an aside, it's a pretty funny show and the non heteros displayed are not stereotypical—sometimes they're even depicted as the direct opposite of the stereotype. Regardless, it's bullshit when heteros complain about the few seconds of scenes showing gay sex; I have to watch so much boring hetero fucking all the time through TV and movies. And it's usually just like tits bouncing and the guy barely in the scene. Sweet, that's doing a lot for me. I must have watched hours of hetero shit in movies growing up, so sorry that you have to see a brief glimpse.

They also kind of watch me change sometimes. I'll have just gotten out of the shower and gone into my room, so obviously I'm going to be putting on clothes. They'll just kind of stand there and continue the conversation, kind of looking at me, but not full on checking me out. Or they'll make jokes about wanting to see me naked. I really don't think they're sexually interested, but they are into me in some sense.

My friend's brother gave me a kiss on the cheek (as a joke?) when he left.

What the hell is going on?

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  1. Watching you change is kind of weird. I've got straight bros but they don't 'watch' me change. Maybe they're bi-curious or someshit. Or maybe they think the body anatomy of non-hetero males is different to hetero ones?
    Hetero's believe some weird shit.

    If one of my straight bros kissed me on the cheek, I'd just be like "thanks bro" and give 'em a wink.

  2. If a hot, or even not so hot, 20 something wants to change in front of me, I'm sure not gonna stop you. And I won't 'full on check you out', but I will look...and a lot too.

    Now, if you shake your dick at me, I will really look...and probably comment too.

    Yeah, I'm a sick old bastard....sorry.

  3. From my experience, hetero guys seem to be more relaxed around gay guys who are less stereotypical. Like, one gay club I go to, half the waiters are hetero. They tend to be more standoffish with the more stereotypical crowd but will even get a little touchy/flirty with me (at their initiation, not mine). I wouldn't say they're all "a little bit bi", but I think there's more of a willingness to relax boundaries when core identity isn't being threatened at the same time. I take it as a compliment that someone's comfortable enough around me to *not* worry about being assumed gay simply because he's being more intimate.

  4. With my college roommates, one of whom was a good friend from high school (who in high school claimed to be bi, but is in fact straight), and the other of whom was his childhood best friend (who at the time identified as straight, though he later came to identify as bi), we had a well-established clothing-optional policy in our house. It wasn't like we stripped as soon as we got home, but we never had any problem being naked around each other. We extended the same policy to our guests. (Oh, and I'm bi, and always identified as such, just to clarify)

  5. Yeah the straight guys I interact with are very open minded nowadays.