Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Religious People: Coocoo For Cocoa Puffs

Religious people need to chill the hell out.

Like non heteros, religious people run the gamut in almost every way. Some are nice, others mean, some intelligent, others dumb. What they have in common is a belief in magic. Magic's sweet, don't get me wrong. I just understand it isn't real. Magic is by definition inexplicable, so don't try to be like "derrr there's magic in nature, like sun and the stars are magical!" Astrophysics is not magic; it's just complex.

The other commonality among religious people is the self-identification as the member of a cult.

Being spiritual is one thing. Science hasn't figured out the exact origins of the universe or life yet, and, given how remarkably small we are in the scheme of things, it's not unreasonable to assume there's something else involved besides just us.

But why do you need to get together with a group of people and decide what type of magic and rules seem chill and then have regular meetings to scold each other?
Bro 1: Yo, so I think God wants us to like, be nice to each other and shit.
Bro 2: Nah dude, he doesn't give a fuck about that. God isn't phased unless you like cheat on him with other religions or idols.
Bro 3: You both have it wrong. The important thing is when and how you have sex.
Me: You are all out of your fucking minds.

The idea that there is some being peering into your head watching your thoughts, and following your every move is…psychotic. If you're hearing a voice in your head that tells you what to do then you should speak with a trained professional. It's not something to be ashamed of—seek help.

I'm unclear as to why we protect and encourage this type of schizophrenic behavior, but we should probably stop. People should be able to believe and do whatever they want as long as they aren't hurting any one else, but these people are insane and spend a good deal of their time trying to tell others how to act—so it does affect others. Plus, historically religion has a worse record than the Mets—or some sports shit.

So does it piss me off to hear and read about these people that allegedly have a problem with who I inherently am? No, not really, because they are brainwashed or mentally ill.

I don't need a crazy person to tell me how to live my life. Thanks though! Real chill offer. How about instead, I do whatever the fuck I want, have an amazing life and you continue to be a fucking lunatic over there in the corner?

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  1. The reason this kind of behavior is encouraged/tolerated is because the western world used to be just as religious as the Islamic world still pretty much is, and even though we had the enlightenment and the scientific & industrial revolutions, we still haven't kicked the habit of "respecting" religion.
    Kind of like an adult who still has a soft spot for his childhood blanky. (blanket)

    Why is this so? I'd say two reasons, both probably re-enforcing each other.
    1. Lets face it, it seems that most people are actually intellectually deficient, and prefer religion, easy answers that pander to emotion and psychological needs, rather than knowledge, which not only requires effort and a mind capable of comprehending complex information, but can also be cold and not 'comfortable'. (i.e. ugly truth). Religion is just easier, and when brainwashed into it as a child, most people (because they're intellectually deficient), never question it, hence never grow out of it.

    2. Secularism is a big thing in the western world. The problem with it is that it presupposes that people can believe in whatever they want, as long as they act in an 'approved' manner. ofc, how people act is determined (at least partly) by what they believe, so if you believe God wants you to kill people or blow shit up because if you do you'll get an eternal reward (as if earthly rewards can beat an eternal one), chances are you are going to act on it, and ergo, there is the clash between 'religion' and 'government', as the religious will by definition try and implement their own rules.
    'Secularism' is a foreign concept to religion, as all religions (at least monotheistic ones) are by their nature absolutist. Tt's their way or the high way. 'Private beliefs' are an idea of secularism, not religion themselves.

    Ofc, not all religious people are like that, but the ones who take their religion extremely seriously are. The ones who treat it as 'private' are looking at religion through the lens of secularism, as opposed to using their religion as the starting point.

    Hah, my take in a nutshell.