Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Jason Collins Teaches Heteros World Is Round, Is Chill

People thought that the world was flat because it appeared flat from their perspective and they didn't notice any evidence to the contrary. People thought that nonheteros didn't exist or were caricatures because it appeared this way from their perspective and they didn't notice any evidence to the contrary.

Jason Collins will help force people to wrap their minds around what it actually means to be a nonhetero. He is, literally and figuratively, a giant piece of evidence that non heteros exist and that how we look or act is extremely variable. This is what scientists call the "monkey-see, monkey-no-longer-irrationally-homophobic".

And y'all know I don't like to throw around words like "homophobic", but in this case it's apt. I've been on sports teams and I've felt it. Coaches and players were scared about what it would mean to have a guy that liked guys on a sports team; they had all sorts of irrational fears about the locker room, the team dynamics and god knows what else. And because of the sizable amount of homophobia in sports, J Col probably needed to wait until he got to the NBA before coming out. Yes, we'd all liked him to have been able to come out before, but it's possible that it would have impeded him from getting to where he is.

And for the record, no, this isn't about aggrandizing heteronormative behavior and shitting on more stereotypically gay dudes. This isn't about sports figures being "more important" than any other figures.  This is about getting everyone to realize that non heteros are goddamn people like everyone else and that we can be "found" any where. So much so that we shouldn't be "looked for". 

Here is a clip of my favorite part of Jason's interview:

Exactly. Box yourselves, fools.

And a longer, more interesting video about professional soccer player Robbie Rogers, who also just came out:


Realistically, non heteros will always have some intrigue around us because we are a minority, and a minority of any sort will always attract a little extra attention for that reason alone. But J Collins is paving the way for what will probably be many, many other non heteros to be open about their sexuality. He's not the first domino, but he's arguably one of the largest in the chain reaction of reduction of misinformation about non heteros in the athletic world.  

Regardless, cheers to these bros. 

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  1. JC is a paradox to some.

    A hero to most.

    And a brother to us. #98