Saturday, April 13, 2013

Me - Part I

Some bros have been writing me and requesting that I post more pictures of myself, and more stuff from my daily life. I also know that some people read for the more general thought-pieces.

So I'll oblige and occasionally post some pictures of myself as part of a more personal post.

I didn't go out last night for the first weekend night in a very long time, so I woke up feeling fairly good this morning. Add to that the fact that my roommate is out of town, and the result is an unusually productive Saturday.

In general, I've been starting to feel restless again. It's amazing how little I've done in the last six months, compared to the six prior to that. I have, however, been planning my next move for quite some time now; it feels like I'm assembling a large jigsaw puzzle in my mind, and whenever I divert my attention, I forget the exact point I left off and lose some progress.
Jesus H. Christ blessed me with a couple sewer-pipe bicep veins

Working out has been going well. I've been making progress with all of my lifts: squatted 315 without too much trouble; I can do a set of dumbbell bench press with 100s; I'm doing pull-ups with 50 lbs on the belt; I deadlifted 325; and my core strength has improved a lot due to hanging leg raises. I'm not sure what direction to go in now. My inclination is add a little more muscle and then cut a little so that I lose the last bit of fat on my torso. I don't like the way huge-bros look, so I have to decide at some point what is "ideal". I'm going to join this club soccer team with a couple friends so maybe I'll maybe I'll start doing a little running too. 

In terms of guys, I haven't made too much progress. That bro, John, who I went to visit a few weeks ago has been staying in touch and is hinting that he wants to maybe try to slowly combine our lives,  but I don't think he's quite the right bro for me. I'll write a full post on John another time. I also have plans to see another guy, Ryan,  in a couple weeks. He seems cool and is from a similar background, but I'm already thinking that the sexual sparks might not fly...