Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Can I Get A Spot, Brah?

Just a quick reminder that the internet is serious, as is this blog, so act accordingly.

Today one of my brocrushes at the gym asked me to spot him on his last set of standing bicep barbell curls. For those of you who don't lift, it's a little weird to ask for a spot on his exercise. The only lifts I'd say require a spot would be if you're maxing on barbell bench, or doing very heavy squats. There are some others in the gray area where a spot is nice, but bicep curls would fall somewhere toward the bottom. Regardless, he is jacked and good-looking, albeit young—maybe twenty years old—so I was like "sure, bro".  He usually wears a loose, striped tank that he partly tucks into the back of his sweats so that his big ol' ass is always on display.

To spot for this exercise I had to stand fairly close, but I went ahead and stood even closer than necessary. I leaned in a bit as he was doing the first reps, our faces only about six inches apart.
"It's on the sixth rep that I'll be trouble," he said, smirking and looking me in the eyes.
I smirked back and tossed a little soupcon of eye-fucking on there for good measure.  I'd never really done this in the gym before, but I said I would start trying this shit. Sure enough, around the sixth rep he began to struggle. His biceps, which would have barely fit in two hands, looked like they were about to explode and I gave him four fingers of support. We locked eyes again briefly and he eked out the eighth rep.

And that was it. He thanked me and smiled. No introduction like the other bro.

My radar was unclear on the whole experience, but it did not feel like a completely hetero interaction.

Next time I run into him I'll feel it out a little more by having sex with him. Or ya know, talking some more. Either way really.

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