Tuesday, May 7, 2013

No Hetero Chapter 2

I'm tired of writing formalized shit. It was nice way for me to organize my thoughts and opinions, and I may write that kind of post occasionally again, but infrequently because it's boring me and this is my fucking blog.

So I met up with this bro again whom I met, not online or anything sketchy, but just through another non hetero friend. People have been surprised that I was into him. I guess people think that I always go for the alpha-male type, but as we've been over, no one seems to read me correctly.

I mentioned Ryan before, and my predictions were mostly correct, unfortunately. We get along really well, and we have a lot in common in terms of our upbringings and experiences. But the sexual spark is not really there. He's not a total dead fish or anything, but it's nothing like with John where we'd get all carnal and bang, possibly have multiple orgasms, and then just collapse out of exhaustion.

He's not exceedingly "hot" either. He's much more "cute", like a puppy. This is exemplified by the tuft of soft brown hair that he kind of pushes off to the side of his head. He has bright green eyes that grab onto you. I'm into sweet eyes, so that goes a ways. His body is decent; he's fairly slim, not skinny either, but with little muscle to him. His style is very preppy—probably too preppy.

We had met up on Friday night. It was his birthday and so he had invited a bunch of friends to a lounge. I came a bit later, very drunk from my prior activities with my hetero bros. He was also pretty wasted and so we decided to peace without saying goodbye to everyone, even though his party was supposed go at least another hour. We cabbed it back to his studio apartment and by this point it was like 3AM and I was tired as fuck. I basically just stripped off all my clothes and was like "good night, I'm getting into your bed".

I woke up the next morning with the standard dehydration and fatigue from over consumption. We then each contributed the memory fragments we had from the previous night and he tried to convince me that coconut water is a some supernatural hydrator. I glanced into his large, shining eyes and we kissed. He was a decent kisser, although he did this strange tongue flip thing which was a bit repetitive. I'm also big into grinding or wrestling around to get warmed up, but he wasn't really responding much to that.

He seemed apprehensive to blow me, but then did. He also seemed apprehensive to bang. He said he had "never had sex during the day". I found this surprising. Not that I've had a ton of sex during the day, but I don't really see how it's that different. I guess he was used to it being dark and being drunk.

One thing lead to another and we were sipping on a solo cup mixed drink about 11:30AM. His, uh, mechanics weren't exactly quick-bang-ready, which is obviously not a bad sign, so everything went slowly . At this point he was kind of a dead fish. No-fun-dot-com. So I stopped and we went back to kind of talking. Then we decided to have another drink. Then another. Shortly thereafter he was challenging me to a chugging contest. I was pretty sure he was joking, but he was not. We did. I won.

We had now finished a fifth of vodka between us and were considering moving on to his gin. This was not normal behavior, but it was a "fuck it, why not?" kind of situation.

We continued talking and I ripped on him a lot for his foibles while smirking and laughing at him. He would get kind of offended but also smile and laugh, then reply with sarcastic banter. I could feel him starting to really like me. And I liked him too, but in the back of my mind I was also questioning how sexually attracted I was to him. Once I get in this mode I basically cannot finish no matter how long the other person tries, but I told him that he should.

He walked me down and outside, and right before I got into a cab to leave he said,
"Come back and hang out anytime."
So there's a more, ahem, "fleshed out" account of the way this shit goes down for me. I'm hooking up, I'm into the dude, and he's into me, but at times I feel like I'm faking it a little bit. I think this guy is close, but I'm a little hung up on the sex part.

I think I'll see him again, but he is sliding into friend territory, so we'll see what comes of this.

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  1. Sounds like fun to me. If he doesn't end up being the fuck partner you want, at least he can be a good friend...if he's into that.

    Good luck...sounds like a good step.
    And, as for the blog...I enjoy your formalized shit, but there is no need to do that all the time. I agree with most if not all of your ideas...keep it up.