Monday, May 13, 2013

Ryan Gosling Behind Some Pines

I liked those gifs before so I taught myself how to make them. I know, I'm super smart. Some of you are probably thinking that this was "an epic waste of time". Others of us know what the word epic means. Still others understand that making gifs is actually really, really fucking easy.

Anyways, here's my summary of the indie flick "The Place Beyond the Pines" starring indie/underground actor Ryan Gosling in his debut film role. 

So the opening scene is this...

At the beginning R Gos is all brooding and badass and shit

Then he goes too far and gets kind of emo

No idea how he manages to still be attractive with that stupid fucking eye-drop tattoo, but he manages.

Then he's all happy and dancing with this shirtless old dude and some dog whose tail looks like a boner, but is not.

Then this happens:

That's supposed to be blood coming out of the back of his skull (because he's dead)

The rest of the movie is about Bradley Cooper and these fucked up kids.

I'm not a big fan of Mr. Cooper, although I wouldn't mind punching him in the face. I've heard he's a real twat. 

Over all rating: meh/10 


  1. i chuckled. good entry.

    though hold on, debut film role? hasn't r-goosy starred in many films?

    1. hah i think that was the joke dude...ryan gosling is a very famous and well known actor...

    2. I'm fucking bad with sarcasm /facepalmself