Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Guys I've Banged IV: Marco

Marco was another dude who I met while abroad.

The bouncer roughly stamped our hands to apply the black light mark necessary to gain entrance.

It was about 3am and the bar was ragging and thumping to some grimy dubstep-esque beat. My hetero friends immediately began searching the darkness for attractive females, mumbling about this or that girl.

I too scanned the room, trying to make out dudes in the brief moments the strobes flickered. Obviously the only good looking guys were dancing with girls or staring at girls.

And then I saw Marco. I missed him at first because he was a little on the short side, but his handsome face stood out in the crowd of blobby pallid British people. I could tell he was Spanish by his darker features and tan skin. He had short brown hair, a chiseled face and brown, penetrating eyes which held onto my gaze.

I broke off from my buds, saying I was going hit the bathroom and pushed towards him, catching flashes of his face as I went. We stood at angles from one another, both staring off into the distance in between looks. He smiled coyly and I smirked back. We both knew what was going on.

He pretended he was bumped by the people behind him and brush his elbow against my abdomen. I was also 'forced by the crowd' to rub against him a bit. The contact felt amazing.

After that we got out of there pretty quickly. I sent my friends some bullshit text explaining why I was peacing, but they were preoccupied and drunk anyways. His English was bad so we spoke in mix of my broken Spanish and his broken English.

Back at his place we got to it pretty quickly. He was a great kisser and very sensual in general.

We didn't bang that night, but we both got off after assuming a number of interesting positions.

After, he lay naked on his stomach and looked at me contently, "muy bien."

I smiled at him and gave his ass a hardy slap before we passed out, his head resting on my chest.

I would see Marco again—a number of times.
Can barely make out that minute polo emblem


  1. 50 Shades of Grey ain't got nothing on this... muy bien indeed

  2. "blobby pallid British people"

    Thanks for that. Funny and sadly rather true, although it isn't so hard to find exceptions.