Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer Moves

Welp it occurred to me that summer is kind of strange time to be bulking so I'm going to do a minor cut. Not going to starve myself or anything, basically just going to stop trying to overeat.

A few people have asked me about my routine and diet etc. The best advice I can give is extremely simple: work out hard (you should be tired and sore), do not use machines, push yourself, and eat as little processed food as possible. The closer the food is to it's form in nature the better, and the further it is, the worse. I'll write a complete post on my take on exercise and nutrition a bit down the road.

But yeah, crushed the gym today. This cute bro also also asked me for a spot. He knows my name but I forget his. He's about 21, a couple inches shorter and has short blond hair and shiny blue eyes. He's very friendly and mellow and has asked me a few random questions over the past weeks (he's about as strong/as in shape as I was about a year ago).

"So, no offense, but are you natural man?"

I laugh, "yeah dude."

As you can see from below I do not have the body of someone who takes steroids-- I'd be waaay bigger. Anyways he and another dude struck up a conversation with me one day and so now we say what up when we run into each other. They also suggested we chill and blaze sometime.

It's kind of a weird situation because I have a mancrush on the blonde bro. He's not like the other dudes who send off mild homoerotic signals, though.

I was wondering how he would react if I countered one of his comments about chicks with a 'not really into girls, bro'.

Would he get freaked out? Even though he's the one making a point of talking to me and trying to hang? In this case he'd be right to suspect I'm attracted to him, but that's not usually the case. There are tons of dudes who would 'flip out' about being around non heteros that I'd have zero attraction to.

Basically all of my friends are heteros and everyone I've told has been cool about --I haven't lost any friends to awkwardness. But the friendship always came before the knowledge, so I wonder if I'd be friends with the same bros if they'd known before hand. I'd like to think yes, but the reality is probably different.

What do y'all think?

(Pictures of intentionally low quality. Sorry, but not really. Gotta stay anon.)


  1. i think you're a very sexy dude. thats what i think

    1. Of course he's sexy. We all know that. But that's not what he asked.

      Would the guy get freaked out? Who can predict? Chances in today's world is "no, he wouldn't freak" but who really knows? The way you discuss bringing it up "I'm not really into girls" sounds like the perfect response. Let us know how it goes.

      And good luck!!