Monday, July 29, 2013

What's wrong with a little mystery?

What's wrong with a little mystery?

It seems like some people, especially gay dudes, make a point of visually putting it out there that they're gay. Why not just slap a bumper sticker on your ass? We're not talking about dressing "well" or "fashionably", I'm talking about spending time to craft their 'look' so that from 100 yards away most people would say "Op, that dude's gay."

Again we have this weird counter argument to this of "Leave them alone! No one has to dress in any particular way!" I totally agree, so if we don't need to dress in a particular way, then why do gays tend to dress in similar ways? It's not as if there's a gene for controlling homo sartorial inclinations. Gays sometimes accuse heteros of dressing homogeneously, but if anything it's homos that look HOMOgeneous.

I think some girls and gay dudes dress to attract attention. Nothing wrong with this, but of course they then are upset when people stare at them. What?

I dress in shit that is comfortable and I think looks good. Sure, occasionally I'll throw on a tank and backwards hat, and probably look like that douchebag, but I would never be surprised or pissed by attention I received.

I don't like the stereotypical gay dude look, it's too obvious, too feminine for me. Nothing wrong with being a feminine girl or guy, just not me. Their shit is just too tight, and pristine. No mystery.


  1. Nothing is more mysterious than a burqa.

  2. Fashion is a complex subject; I'm far from an expert on it, but the trends in dress for any locality are usually pretty complex. They also tend to be self-sustaining: "people dress like because it's expected that people dress like because everyone else dresses like ."

    I actually notice it less in Los Angeles than in other places, but I think part of that fashion here tends to be both more common and more casual (there may be a dozen restaurants or clubs in the whole city that require jackets). When half the city is walking around in jeans and tank tops, it's a fair bit less noticeable when gay guys do it.

    It's also easier (read: lazier) to adopt someone else's style than to find one for yourself.

  3. Any member of any cultural subgroup is going to have some degree of adherence to the trends that are around them, whether it be clothing or beliefs or media etc. etc. etc. This is a sociological proven fact. Also consider that gym culture operates under the same principles, since it is made up of human beings and human beings have the same behavioral tendencies. A person could make the same arguments as above, but about gym-culture, which (based on your other posts) I would say that you are a member of. You are in the process of cultivating a certain/particular "look."

    That being said, why does it matter what other gay men do, or why they do it, or who they do it for? No human can escape the influence of those who surround them - there are three degrees of influence, i.e. friends of friends of friends can affect you - so who cares? It's not hurting you.

  4. as i get to know more gay people, i've realized that there are many that do not dress in the way you've described. i think the problem is you just don't know enough gay people