Wednesday, August 28, 2013

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

WTF II: I Ain't In Love

Bye Ry
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So we've definitely been trying to force shit. "Relationships are about compromise." Agreed, but to a point. And usually the prerequisite is that "when two people are in love".

I ain't in love.

Ryan's friends—that whole life—are wrong for me. I already have close friends that I actually want to hang out with. I don't fucking like gay bars. I've tried to go with the flow, but it feels wrong.

I'm palming two worlds with minimal bridges between them. I've tried to get comfortable in the gay world, but it doesn't fit me. It makes me question myself: am I even non hetero? Because none of this makes sense to me.

Ryan has made a big effort to try to be make me happy and content. And I like him. I do. But I think he's in love with me:

"I have a connection with you that I've never had with anyone else before"

I can't reciprocate that.

I'd like to stay friends but that will probably be impossible.

Did I see this coming? Yeah, kind of. But am I just wanted to be sure because this bro was close.

Oh well.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

What 90% of guy's profiles amount to

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HI guys!

I'm a bit new to this site (registered in 2010) but it seems like a great group! The pictures of me are a bit old, which is weird because I use facebook every day and am constantly uploading selfies. Anyways, I've gotten in much better shape since, so just message me for more ;-)

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