Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Portrait of Non Hetero as a Young Bro - Pt 1

Some people are surprised to learn that I was never a child. They'll say things like "well I'm sure you did that when you were a one-year-old, too". This is super awkward for me though because I was never a baby, or a child. I decided to skip that whole phase of life and become an adult. I have met some kids though. Youngins are kind of cool in that they are so shameless and self-motivated, yet completely reliant on adults to keep them alive.
My childhood was a pretty good time. 

I was raised in a rural environment so I spent much of my youth wandering around in nature. My brother or friends and I would build shoddy forts from fallen branches, build a rock dam in a small brook; play stealth ninjas or pretend to be badasses of one sort or another. And while I did spend a good amount of time with my brother, who is two years older, we often disagreed on what activities we wanted to do. My brother was into shooting birds, really any animals, with his BB gun; this was not my jam. We'd do sports or games, but I would often become better at than him at most activities that were skill-related, which he would use as an excuse to start a physical fight. Really, my brother was generally an asshole growing up. To this day I still hold a minor grudge about the constant assholery I had to endure growing up.

Would you be more comfortable looking at this photo if it were of a little boy and girl? Yes.

We get along well now, and he always tries to make an effort to see me, but we live in different states and I have plenty of friends I'd rather chill with.

Aside from my brother, I had a good group of close friends that I went through elementary and middle school with. I had a series of pretty girlfriends who I kissed and liked. I was kind of a player in middle school and very sought after by the ladiez. Everything went fairly normally until the big bad Internets opened my eyes. I had become acquainted with the series of tubes invented by Al Gore at very early age, as my father was involved in the then nascent computer industry.

Eventually, I took to browsing pictures online and exploring my private bro areas. One day I came across a video link marked MMF. "Hmm..." I liked that. Two bros going at this girl was hot. Over the following weeks and months I edged closer and closer, finally coming to the realization that it was the male body that interested me.


  1. not surprised you read james joyce. at all

  2. I bet you were a very interesting child--or I should say you would have been, had you ever been?

  3. I know that the questions should being asked in the past post but here are my: you being a non hetero and a major in history end Psychology, and you said that the woman are all bisexuals and your conversation with your father about many man being atracted to other males, you think that the porcentage of non heteros is justo 3 to 5 percent of population?

    1. Gracias por la pregunta. Asumo que inglés no es tu lengua principal, pues te contesto en español. Estimar la cantidad o porcentaje de NH en la población es muy difícil y no soy un experto en temas así. Pero, como me has preguntado, te diría que me imagino que la porción de personas que son *exclusivamente* homosexual puede ser entre 3 y 5 por ciento, pero es probable que el número sea más grande si se fuera incluir personas que tienen cualquier forma de atracción a personas del mismo sexo. La escala de Kinsey no es perfecto, pero es algo y refleja la complexidad de la sexualidad humana.

    2. Thank you, but my first language is portuguese and not spanish, I am from Brazil. Can you speak portuguese?

    3. Well fuck. I thought I was so chill. Oh well.

      I do not know Portuguese. Hope my ramblings make some sense to you ha.