Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Engaged Bro Pt 2

I hooked up with this guy again. It was fun. He was hot.

I wasn't sure if I'd hear from him again due to him "having a girl" and all, but he has actually been fairly persistent in emailing me to see when we could meet up next. Emails because we don't text because derpderpderp he's paranoid as fuck. As if I'm going to send a picture of my junk or some shit. Idiot.

He showed up in a dry-fit shirt, gym shorts, and athletic shoes. Basically he was dressed for the gym. I'm down with this. He was even more aggressively into it this time and we bounced all over the apartment: pushing, wrestling, pinning each other.  He was also even more into me and kissing and everything. The first time was about an 8/10 and this was a 9/10. This dude fucking loves hooking up.

This is sweet, but it's interesting that he can be so into it—more into it than bros I've hooked up with who were more comfortable with their sexuality—but yet still so sure it's just some glitch in him. Because that's what he thinks it is: a glitch.
"I'm fucked-up," he'll say.
"I wasn't fucked up until I came to ********"
Obviously he's fucked up in that he won't admit the extent to which he's into dudes, but he claims to also be very into "his girl" and talks about how hot she is, and how he doesn't want to fuck things up with her. Sick bro, let's go cuddle and pretend I'm banging you more while we talk about this.

Pretend because we haven't had penetrative sex. Yet. I'd definitely like to, so we'll see if I can coax him into it. If that happens, his psyche may have to do another few summersaults of rationalization.

It'd actually be really fucking hot to bang a hot girl with another guy. I don't think I'm that bisexual really, but the scenario still seems pretty awesome. I think that some homos consider themselves extremely "openminded" and "in touch" with their sexuality, and yet they often won't even consider women. It's fine if they legitimately have no attraction, I myself have very little, but part of being openminded is having a fucking open mind and at least considering new and different situations that maybe don't come naturally to you. 

I haven't had a serious girlfriend before so I can't emphasize with what this bro is going through really. 
I'm interested to know what y'all reader's experience has been with girls though. I'm sure there is a range of never kissed a girl to had sex with many girls, but just curious. 


  1. This sounds super hot. Also my experience with girls was that I couldn't really get/stay hard without thinking about bros...

  2. Med students and residents are the absolute best fuck buddies when you don't have the time for a full time boy friend. They are up to date with their STD screening & most do not have stimulant like "outlets" like heavy drinking or do drugs (surgery in a.m.) . So their outlet is sex with long, frequent & rough sessions. :)

    I've dated a few and all 3 were closeted and were evasive when I asked about it.
    1. Resident anesthesiologist with a hockey butt (29 Chicago)
    2. Plastic surgeon fellow that was fun size 28 (Seattle)
    3. Cardiologist silver fox 46 (Chicago)
    4. Med student & when I found out he was in med school and it was a deal breaker for me. (see below.)

    All 3 were outstanding boy friend material but they worked so much that when we were together they repeatedly apologized for not being around more or for something petty like late reply to a text because they were in a 12 hour surgery. I felt this sense of remorse when we were out on dates because their time is so valuable because they have the ability to save someone's life.

  3. My experience with girls? I was married to one...two actually, but not at the same time. Unfortunately, I was a lot like your buddy when I was his age.

    If this works out for him, I will be surprised ... shocked ...disbelieving actually. Mine worked out too, for a while...a long while. I put up with it, but down deep, I was not a happy camper. I fucked her and she enjoyed it immensely...we had kids which we both love. But, I was thinking of guys occasionally when I was fucking her. And now, when I finally have my head on straighter than it was, I realize that the girls were never for me long-term. I enjoyed the sex and all, but there was always something missing. I didn't realize what it was until I went through the divorce, and finally found a guy who I really loved. He is great. Now, after all these years, I know what people talk about when they see stars, when they find someone they really, truly, love.

    Your poor friend might have to endure that. My prediction is that his marriage won't last long at all. He is into you way too much. He won't be able to put you away, forget the excitement, and 'settle' for anything less. At least, I hope he won't just 'settle'. It is very bad for one's self-esteem.

    But, he is a med-student and has had at least some psych. He has to know, down deep, what is happening.

    Good luck.

  4. Hey man, disclaimer: not trying to be judgmental or anything at all because I would probably be boning this dude too if I were in your position, but having followed your blog for a while, I can't help but wonder why you're even wasting your time with this guy who's the epitome of a head case. I feel like you talk about finding a guy similar to yourself to possibly date and introduce to your friends and family or whatever, but it seems like you just keep getting involved with guys that you won't be able to get anywhere with. That other dude was too stereotypically gay and this new dude has his head too far up his ass to realize that he's not straight. What's the endgame here? I could understand a little better if this guy was merely dating a chick but he's straight up planning a wedding/future with someone. I've known that I like dudes since middle school and I still didn't come to terms with it or act on it until I hit my mid twenties. I can't see a guy who's so in denial about his penchant for the cock that he's one step away from walking down the aisle with a chick suddenly turning things around and embracing a life of fucking dudes. That's gonna take years.

    On the other hand, if this is purely a pleasures of the flesh type situation, who the fuck cares? This guy knows exactly what he's doing. Fuck him while you can then find a chill normal dude who's cool with the fact that he likes guys.

    And again, not judging at all. Jealous actually (seriously, where the fuck do you find these guys and how can I also do that?).. just curious about your thought process.

    Also, re: vag monsters aka women... hooked up with a few but not really anything to write home about.. by themselves they're nothing special but throw another dick in there and we find ourselves in one of my top 5 sexual fantasies

    1. Hah I'm just going to treat it like a physical thing for now, don't worry broski. It's just hard not to wonder a bit. Both about what's going through his dome and whether there's some possibility he gets his head sorted out.

      I have yet to encounter this mythical bro that I've created, so until then I'll continue to enjoy this sexy dude.

      To answer your question, there is very likely no "endgame". Just orgasms and temporary entertainment. But who the hell knows?

  5. Seems like Nate Oman has the best words on the subject. As for girls, my experience consists exclusively of makeout sessions on a series of couches, dance floors, dorm rooms, and, occasionally, pools, circa 2001-2007. That's all I can give, and that was years ago. I'm gay, dude. I'm into dudes.

    But it's funny you bring this up. Sometimes if a particularly striking female walks by and she's tall and looks gorgeous and is skinny and her hair has this mystery and she smells nice and she smiles at me, or if I'm at the beach and she looks hot in a bathing suit and her sexy wide hips are just mind blowing or her legs are tan and shiny, I can't explain it but my head turns. I end up staring at her and studying her and thinking about how fucking hot she is and wonder what she looks like naked. Women are prettier than men. Period. I can't explain it. But my dick generally gets me on the right track towards the other hot dude next to her with the six-pack abs and pretty-boy face and chill attitude. Will I ever act on those feelings for her? Never say never, but it's sitting at a probably 98% nothing will happen.

    Is this what straight guys on the "spectrum" must feel like when they come across a particularly handsome man? Nothing will happen, but their head is turning? I have to wonder.