Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Engaged Bro

Annnnnd I hooked up with a dude that's engaged. To a woman.  He's 24.

This is obviously a bad idea. I realize this. But apparently making bad decisions is my jam now.
Guys cuddling

The "problem" is that he's sexy as fuck. He played football in college and is currently a third year med student. He's about 5'11 with buzzed brown hair a handsome face, and a great fucking smirk of a smile. Oh and his body is basically perfect.

We met on Tinder of all places.

The real problem is that he's a total head case. This is clearly not surprising given that he is engaged and is hooking up with at least one guy in secret. "Just trying to get 'this shit' out of his system," he said. Oh sure, that's a great plan, bro. Nothing will make you hetero quite as quickly as kissing another guy and playing with his fun parts. It took great deal of  effort not to laugh in his face when he said that.

I mean I get it. I remember some of those feelings, to an extent. And he grew up in a rural place with conservative parents, so that must fucking suck. I'm definitely lucky to have such chill parents.

But man, what kind of a life is he setting up for himself?

Unclear how often we'll be hooking up, but my feeling is that it will end badly. Naturally it's the guy who is completely unavailable that I end up liking. Why make shit easy, when you can make it hard?


  1. bad news bars indeed. be careful, I got burned that way

  2. It still amazes me that in 2013 there are guys that are living a lie, harboring their true feelings, so much so that they are setting up their whole future as being hetero. They must be so fucking scared, or something. There has to be more out there like this, right? I wonder what it takes to make these guys feel ok about everything, about themselves, you know?

    I couldn't imagine living like that. Shit's terrible.

    The "getting it out of my system" comment is always a good one, and so is the "I'm not a homo, but..." as you proceed to take off my pants. By definition, hooking up with another guy is practically the most homosexual thing you can do.

    Enjoy it while it lasts man. Hope it's not too rough on ya

    1. People make bad or overly-optimistic decisions all the time. "Just one more drink won't hurt." "I've got plenty of time to plan for that." "The train doesn't come for 5 minutes, I've got time." Etc.

      Sexuality isn't a drug or a hobby, but it's often treated as one. Especially with societal and familial pressures to get married, have kids, and "leave a legacy" (as if that was the only way to do so), it's really easy for some people to fall into the "I can quit any time I want to" trap. No, really, you can't: shutting off part of your physiology like that *doesn't work*.

      It's a big part of the reason why I tentatively support the "no hetero" concept even though I have reservations about its larger cultural impact. I tell guys all the time that labels are for convenience: if they're no longer convenient, or even restrictive, stop using them. It seems to help some guys, at least a little.

  3. Evidently not completely unavailable.

    *Wanders off to find out what the hell Tinder is...*