Saturday, October 26, 2013

Capítulo Equis

My life be like ooh-ahh.

Last weekend I was hanging out with my bros and my bro's roommate had a friend in town visiting who I hadn't met before. He was hot as fuck and we got along really well. The whole night we were like:

He'd grab my shoulder when offering to buy me drink separate from everyone else; intense eye contact and coy smiles. And while man flirting is a great time, it kinda blows when it all amounts to nothing. You're just left wondering what it meant, if anything. I have a constantly-updating meter going in my head about whether the guys I'm around are into dudes. With this guy I was thinking there was over a 50% chance he was actually into me, but nothing happened and he lives in New Jersey. He did sleep in a bed with another dude though.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Best Friend Is Gay

"My [best] friend is gay" is probably what some guys type into Google after their friend tells them they aren't hetero. The results that come up are not particularly helpful.

And I obviously can't speak for all non heteros, but…

ATTN: Heteros 
RE: I like dudes
Dear Hetero Bro,

If you're reading this then you know that your friend is not into girls, i.e. he likes guys. You obviously didn't get to talk about it in full because you're still thinking about it and looking for answers online.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"I like guys, but not on Facebook"

Yes, I realize I'm the very first person to rag on FB and social media, but someone has to tackle this exotic beast.  And for the record, I social media isn't "ruling/destroying my life" because I rarely use it. It is weird to see the way, and how much, others use it though

Moderately interesting points that others have already covered:
    • Why does it seem like 99% of people on Facebook are smiling, "happy" and doing great at all times? Impossible. That's not how humans work.
    • Why do people think we want to see hundreds of pictures of their pets, kids and food? We don't. 
    • Facebook connects us? Meh
    • The protean manifold of overbearing "feeds" and the proliferating layers of advertising? Yeah brah, concur that they're hella chill. 
    • People sometimes create an altered persona for social media. Yep.
This last point is particularly relevant to NH-dom.