Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Naturally Dumb

The "argument"[1][2] that "being nonhetero is unnatural" is as dumb as it is poorly thought out.

First of all, the idea that natural things are always good and unnatural things are always bad is false. I pointed this out regarding drugs, but here's a completely exhaustive infographic

Clearly natural ≠ good and unnatural ≠ bad because, in terms of shitty college beer, Keystone Light > Natty Light. Case closed. But let's humor them for a moment and say that natural things are good.
Natty dumb - "Being non hetero is not natural"
Cool story bro, but nonheteroism occurs in nature.  A lot.

What these people seem to trying (and failing) to say is:
Being non hetero is uncommon
Wow, brilliant! Current estimates place the prevalence of nonheteroism at 1-5%. That's about the world prevalence of having green eyes.

This all makes sense because as we know green eyed people are subject to human rights violations around the world and certainly would never be allowed to get married. The question still remains as to why they decided to spurn G-d and choose to have green eyes instead of brown like the majority.

Lastly, there are those who just think the sexual part is "gross" and unnatural. Have you seen what a vagina looks like? I'm not talking about a perfectly-shaved-had-vaginoplasty vagina, I'm just talkin' regular old natural vag. It's fucking not attractive looking.

Sure, they admit, but

the inside is all natural and great and doesn't ever have poop in it!! 

Fine. How does this sound:

Menstruation is the periodic discharge of blood and mucosal tissue (the endometrium) from the uterus and vagina. The average volume of menstrual fluid during a monthly menstrual period is 35 milliliters (2.4 tablespoons of menstrual fluid) with 10–80 milliliters (1–6 tablespoons of menstrual fluid) considered typical. Menstrual fluid in fact contains some blood, as well as cervical mucus, vaginal secretions, and endometrial tissue. Menstrual fluid is reddish-brown, a slightly darker color than venous blood.
Yeah, I love dipping my dick where blood and cervical fluid have been.

But, but, that's just once a month. Otherwise the vag is squeaky clean. 

Wrong. The vagina is rife with bacteria all the time--it has to be in order to be "healthy".

OK, but women clean their vaginas. 
Great point because no one cleans before anal sex? Also a fairly big assumption to assume that non heteros are having anal sex. Many homos have zero anal sex, and stick to ole 'natural' oral sex. Again, nothing more natural than oral sex. Monkeys are always blowing each other...? Also heteros have lots of anal sex.  

The point here is not that vaginal sex is gross. The point is that any sex is going to involve some biological swapping no matter what, which may be a little gross to some if they actually think about it. Even kissing is kind of gross if you think about it. But please, do think. It's good for ya.


  1. "Yeah, I love dipping my dick where blood and cervical fluid have been."

    classic NH lol