Sunday, May 25, 2014

P A R I S - Part 1 - Mathieu

My life is basically a cheesy movie.

I touched down at Chucky de Gaulle airport and hop on the temporary internet to let my friend know that je suis arrivĂ© in motherfucking frogtown. Also to jump on le petit Tinder, chyeah. I open it only long enough for it to locate me and initiate the viral spread of my steez. As an aside, the train ticketing machines are extremely unfriendly to non-euro visitors: they accept neither american credit cards nor euro bills despite the ~10 euro fare—and a change machine only accepts 5 or 10 euro notes. Anyways, once in the metro area I board the train in the wrong direction for my connection. Sweet. I eventually arrive slightly damp and very tired at my friend’s doorstep in the 5th arrondissement. Arrondissement is either French for go-fuck-yourself or neighborhood. Come to think of it, almost everything in French could be understood as “go fuck yourself”. But let’s not get into formal linguistics.