Thursday, December 25, 2014

Surfcation / No One Cares

I just got back from a fucking awesome surf vacation in Mexico with my brother and some friends. Actually were technically my brother's friends, but I consider some mutual friends, as we've hung out without my broseph. Importantly, most of them were also good looking, chill guys. There were also a few chicas in the mix.

We rented a big villa right by a surfing beach with our own pool and errythang. Most of crew surfs all year rounds so they were crushing waves for the majority of most of the days we were there. I was alright on a longboard, but shortboards are fucking tricky. Whenever I know I'm going to have the opportunity to go surfing (about once a year) I always delude myself into thinking there's way more crossover from snowboarding. They're both boards, right?! Yeah...'cause in snowboarding you're often paddling and laying on your board? Regardless, it was still fun to be out in water.

We also rented a sailboat and sailed to a little island not far from our beach. It was a surreal paradise. 

My brother's friends were cool and mostly we had a great time drinking and being stupid and laughing a lot. But this nagging voice in the back of my mind would pop up regularly:
They're only being cool with you because they think you're straight. If they knew, they would be treating you differently and it would suck.

We flew back early the day before Christmas. Our skin was mostly uncharred, except for Eric whose entire body was pealing. He rolled around on the grass, joking that he was a snake shedding his skin. 
 * * *
Back stateside, I'm in the car with my brother leaving the airport.

So, did you have fun? My brother asks.
Yeah, I had a fucking blast.
Good. Yeah everyone said they were glad you ended up coming. 

After a brief pause:

You know, you can tell everyone that I like dudes. I don't care, just didn't feel like bringing it up.
Oh they all know. Everyone here knew before, and no one cares.

Being wrong hurts so good. 

Happy holidaze y'all.